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LendingPad and BNTouch Integration for Automatic & Seamless Data Sync

Portland, OR – June 1, 2019 – BNTouch Mortgage CRM, a provider of over 30 mortgage marketing, client relationship management and point of sale tools, announced that its CRM & product suite is now able to sync directly with LendingPad LOS software. The seamless integration allows lenders LOS data to automatically update within their CRM as their borrowers go through the process of loan approval and vice versa.

BNTouch offers the mortgage industries most feature rich growth platform, operating as a standalone solution while seamlessly integrating into the day-to-day operations for enterprise, team and individual brokers. Backed by more than 15 years of mortgage industry experience, BNTouch removes friction and increases agility in each touch point of the mortgage life cycle, for customers, agents and regulators alike. The company’s modular approach utilizes robust APIs that allow customers to seamlessly integrate with disparate systems and automate communication for borrowers and partners across calls, texts, emails and postcards to maximize the impact of each touch point. For more information, visit

LendingPad is an innovative loan origination system (LOS), created by mortgage professionals to help lenders to make better lending decisions and to enhance individual originators’ ability to succeed. Leveraging from a highly-scalable cloud infrastructure, LendingPad is a web-based, end-to-end platform that focuses on streamlining the back-office operations for lenders. Their solution elevates the efficiency, compliance, and information security of brokers, lenders, and depository institutions. LendingPad is endorsed by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, a Premier Member of the Mortgage Bankers Association and a proud winner of HousingWire’s Tech100 award. LendingPad is a product of WEI Technology LLC, headquartered in McLean, VA. Visit the company’s website to learn more

“BNTouch Inc is excited to finally be partnered with LendingPad. This secure, seamless integration with enables clients to simplify the process of keeping borrower data up to date during much of the complex mortgage process, so they can more efficiently process loans and grow their business. We look forward to a long, successful relationship with LendingPad.” said Yuri Polukeev, BNTouch’s Co-Founder & CEO.

About BNTouch
BNTouch is the worlds most feature rich mortgage CRM & growth platform. Allowing mortgage offices to automate their marketing, convert more leads, stay top of mind with their borrowers and recruit new partners all from one central hub.
BNTouch was founded in 2004 and is based in Portland, OR. For more information, visit

Aidan Paringer
Marketing Director
BNTouch Inc.

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